Hopes and Fears





Sharing your hopes and fears builds community.



On the first day of school we discussed our hopes for grade one.  I also asked about any fears or worries they might have.  It looks like I had a confident group, not one had any worries about what might happen in grade one.

The students were asked to complete this phrase – “In grade one I hope . . .”


Sasha – I will read lots of books.

Patricia – everyone will have fun reading books and painting.

Alexei – I will read lots of books.

Vivian – that there is more frogs.*

C.J. – that I learn to read.

Fatima – we will learn stuff.

Dylan – that we will learn to read.

Turner – I will learn to read lots of stuff.

Natasha – I will learn to write notes.

Daniel – I will have lots of fun.

Erika – I will read lots of books.

Zoe – that there are more frogs.*

Erika – I will have fun doing homework.

Joscelyne –I will read lots of books.

Liam – I can write poems.

Gregory – I can read.

Lucas – I learn my ABC’s.

Mackie – I will read lots.

Blanca – I will write stories.

Brendon – I have a lot of food. (It was close to lunchtime.)


*Two of my African Clawed frogs had died over the summer, so I only had one frog.